Beginning with that Southern saying for every occasion and ending with the "Raising of the Hands," Ronnie gives a talk about receiving and extending God's highest blessing.

With a timely appeal given the New Year, Ronnie reminds listeners of how the seasons of our lives are bound to change - and how time and action are of the essence. 

In the final talk of his Advent series, and final installment of 2020, Ronnie turns to The Magnificat, Mary’s radical, revolutionary song. Hers is a defiant call to overturn the status quo.

For the third week of Advent Ronnie turns to the Psalms and the question of joy. Joy is not so much about what’s going on outside, as is what happens within our hearts.

For the second Sunday of Advent, Ronnie turns to the Psalm 85 with an emphasis on "chesed," the "unfailing love" of God. 

(Note: Ronnie uses the title of 11 rock-n-roll songs throughout the talk, so listen close.)

For the first Sunday of Advent, Ronnie uses 1 Corinthians 1 and a series of stories to show that what we call "hope" is not wishful thinking. It is resiliency and perseverance, even when our faith is shaky.

Why does the little dog do all the barking? Ronnie answers this question and shows how it relates to each of us, revealing that love is the power that gives us all we need to be at peace.

"Who Are You?"

We all have an identity: It is the complex - sometimes contradictory - construct that we have built for ourselves. That identity determines how we act and the type of people we become.

Two declarations are making their rounds these days: "Everything is Crazy!" and "All We Need Is Love." In this talk, following the words of Paul - with a little help from Van Morrison, Foreigner, and Bonnie Raitt - Ronnie brings the crazy and the love together.

In his conclusion to the series "Dreams That You Dream" based on the life of Joseph, Ronnie uses Joseph's own words to help us make meaning of our experiences. "You intended to harm me," Joseph told his brothers, "but God intended it all for good."

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